Choosing a bright future either on starting or during Engineering.

“ The dilemma of abundant fields in computer science…”

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P.s. “I am an engineer…not chosen to be an engineer but it chooses me.

Hello readers, my name is Amandeep currently persuing (Why?) engineering from Dit University in Computer Science.

Before continuing to the main topic let’s ask Why choose Engineering? Well, due to Variety of Career Opportunities, Potential to Benefit Society, Challenging Work, Intellectual Development,
I guess not in India), Job Satisfaction (Sorry yes in India this time), blah blah blah…

So, You choose engineering as your goal but there are more than 70 % of people who will tell you not to take engineering…and that's a fact as it’s non-deniable truth due to cold competition.

So enough barking, let's jump to the main plot…CSE is actually an umbrella in which there are many fields like Web development, App development, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine learning, Internet of things, Cloud computing and Networking, Cyber Security, and many more…huh. So much is there tired of typing…and as I said Job Satisfaction (Sorry yes in India this time) is only possible if you choose a field and pursue it. And Since from 1st Year of college choose one area ever more than one and start exploring it, learning new things, doing stuff, creating some cool projects(Mini-ones) i.e. Beginner level.

In a way, the ends do justify the means when it comes to how you spend your time in college — but you need to clearly define the ends and make sure that they’re what you want. Don’t blindly take the advice of advisors and recruiters and simply do things because they “look impressive”. Do things because they get you closer to your goals, or because you like to do them.

You can refer to online learning websites like Coursera, Udemy, Edx, Udacity, e.t.c to gain expertise.

The industry doesn’t give you what you want in your mind;
it gives you what you demand with your actions.

Now what to choose in this, it’s all on your interest and likings and if you ask how I choose mine then I must tell you that I put my interest in all of them though not all but most and then finally choose one which suited me. Your first year of college is your chance to try a little bit of everything and figure out what you like. As a sophomore, it’s time to be more selective.

If you’re looking for the most in-demand positions in computer science right now, you would need to look at the industry trends. AI, cloud computing, IoT, and Big data are the rising fields in tech at the moment and they are projected to grow more in the coming years. The best approach is to go with general initially and then be expertise with the latest demand. When a human puts in 200–500 hours of hard work then he gets an idea about computer engineering in general and then he starts to like and develop his skills in some particular arena of computer engineering, which he pursues professionally, later, which becomes his area of specialization and never forget programming skills is a must.

Gain a command in one most suitable programming language you find best and try to know the syntax of all other programming languages. Also, the much-needed part is developing logic and algorithms.

Practise Hackerank or HackerEarth problems at the beginning and Leetcode Company asked problems afterward to gain more depth knowledge about programming and algorithms.

Also, One Should focus on what a company wants from you and that’s the skills and nothing much, So from the first year of college, you should focus on your skills both Soft skills and Hard skills.

What We Know Is a Drop, What We Don’t Know Is an Ocean…

At last, You Need To Push Yourself and Take Initiative. Nobody Cares About Your GPA After College, It's all your skills needed to get Placed.

Never forget to have fun and doing party after any accomplishment in your college life , make it a part of life.

Do anything you want but don’t make choices that you will regret later…always remember you were not given this life to be an average.

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“Technical content writer”

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“Technical content writer”

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