COVID-19 Versus IT Industries 2020

Coronavirus attack to slow down IT growth and Placement.

See the situation is very serious and hence everything will sway towards normalcy slowly. Although the placement process is likely to deviate from the usual functioning and will much laborious than ever.

In the history of the world, whenever a worldwide economic crisis has been reported, the repercussions are explicitly observed in the employment process of every country. In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, the impact is predicted to be enormous enough to devour the existing jobs of thousands of employees in India and this will drive more uncertainty of jobs in the country.

“In the near future, IT companies could feel the heat of pricing pressure, revenue loss due to lockdown (in India and many countries globally), client bankruptcy and slower client decision making led by lower discretionary spends,” wrote Devang Bhatt at brokerage ICICI Direct.

The hiring of fresh engineering graduates from college campuses by information technology (IT) services companies is likely to be delayed owing to uncertainties arising out of the global spread of coronavirus (Covid-19). IT firms are expected to absorb these freshers in a staggered manner.

So what to do now(I can’t but at least you do)…

Change is a law of life, nothing is permanent.

In order to combat the Corona Virus Pandemic, we need to take preventive measures and never give up on the grave situation.

  • Boost your Immunity by taking a balanced diet and intake of food rich in nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Zinc. Start your day with regular exercise and stay motivated.
  • Follow a Schedule that incorporates all your daily routine and formulate a goal plan for 21 days lockdown period. Work rigorously on the objective to finish it before the deadline you have set for yourself.
  • Choose Remote Freelancing/Internships work to amplify your experience as a programmer and to improve your resume. Get a similar internship experience by working remotely with the tech sectors.
  • Up-skill your Knowledge by learning new concepts every day. Differentiate yourself based on skills to be industry-ready to compete with more people seeking jobs. You can hone your programming skills by Various Online Certifications like Coursera, Udemy, Edx, Udacity e.t.c and webinars and online classes like on Coding Blocks,e.t.c to get a better user experience by bringing the classroom to your homes.
  • Work on Projects, Do some research, uplift your skills as the companies now will need skilled/trained persons, it’s obvious that you will be preferred if you have trained yourself rather than the company train you.
  • Last but not least, I must say the upcoming demand of companies will be to enroll a right bunch of candidates who are pre-trained and self skilled to fit in their job profiles so that they can't spend a penny in training them.

In these times, we truly realize that every single thing is truly connected. How pricing, profits, and everything affects jobs.

Future Fields In Demand will be:

Credits: da-Kuk-Getty-images

1.Food and Agriculture sectors.

2. Business Analytics.

3. Marketing.

4. Medicines and Diagnostics.

5. AI and Automation.

6. Drone Technology.

7. Entrepreneurship.

Similarly, there are thousands of other examples in which technology is helping people to deal with this horrible unprecedented pandemic of our generation.

Stay safe, stay home, and be thankful to everyone out there fighting for the greater cause and the survival of humanity.

Look at the beautiful skies and everybody is talking about mother nature being regenerated. So, latch onto the positive and live in the moment.

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